Established in 1974, Sarasota is the oldest continuously running BMX track in America. Over those many years it has hosted countless state, regional and national races. A cornerstone of Florida BMX racing, SRQBMX has worked with the former National Bicycle League, the current Sunshine State Association and USA BMX.

That’s the “official version” and we’re sticking by it…however…that’s only part of the story.  We’ll try and show some of the memorabilia & tell some of the stories here.  Keep checking back, we’ll try to add more as we find it!

An old logo…circa 1990.  We have 1 (and only 1) sticker left.  PRICELESS

USABMX 2018 Top 10 Track – East Region

SSA /NBL State Championship Race Plaque 1993

UCI Supercross Number Plate Skin

T-Shirt logo – Circa 2014

Old school first-time rider wall plaque

Brand-spanking-new SRQBMX hats.  $20.  Available NOW!

Fall Classic Halloween Race Plaque from 2009.  Creepy!

Alice Bixler Portrait from 2008 – SRQBMX simply wouldn’t be here without AB!

Cool SRQBMX Trophies

SSA Qualifier Race Plaque 2009

SRQBMX Drink Koozy – Circa 2014

NBL Easter Classic Plaque 2011

BMX Supercross Sarasota World Cup Hat